The Strongest Vegetable Garden with Cultivation Cheats

The Strongest Vegetable Garden with Cultivation Cheats

Saibai Cheat de Saikyou Saien ~ E, Tada no Katei Saien desu kedo ~ 九頭七尾] 栽培チートで最強菜園 栽培チートで最強菜園

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“Huh? A vegetable garden where meat grows on trees!? A delicious slow life with an unbelievable gift!”

A young man named Gio from a village was given a seemingly useless gift called “home gardening” on his 15th birthday. Despite dreaming of becoming an adventurer since he was a child, Gio returns home disappointed. However, when he activated the gift in his deserted backyard, succulent and exquisite vegetables grew in an instant! Moreover, to his surprise, he saw “Eh, is that meat growing on trees!?” and “a sturdy golem also appeared!?” – a series of astounding events! Who would have thought that a home garden would possess such an outrageous and amazing skill? With his silly and cute little sister, childhood friend, and a life full of delicious food, Gio starts a new slow life!

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