Ming Ying had a long nightmare.

    She dreamed that she returned to her bedroom, everything was as usual. The maids tidy up the bedroom for her in an orderly manner, make the bed, fold the clothes, and clean the dust, while the living officer stood by and gave instructions.

    But when she walked over to say hello, she was blocked by an invisible barrier, unable to take a step forward.

    Ming Ying panicked, exited the bedroom, and rushed to her mother's room.

     When she entered the door, her mother was sitting at the table embroidering. Seemingly hearing footsteps, my mother raised her head to meet her eyes, and called to her in a warm voice: "Yingying is up? Come and let my mother take a look."


    She was stunned, and quickly said to her mother: "Mother! There is a barrier to stop me! You quickly pick me up!"

    My mother didn't seem to hear what she said, and asked in surprise: "Yingying, why don't you come and talk to your mother?"

      All the way down.

    Only then did Ming Ying look to her right hand, and found that her hand was still wrapped in a bandage, the yellow-brown medicated oil was slightly seeping out, a beautiful bow tie stopped on the medicated oil, and the lower half was dyed with dark.

    —that was the bandage Fu Anyu put on her.


    Ming Ying was shocked, and when she came back to her senses, she had already run after her.

    "Mother! Don't go, mother!"


    She suddenly heard the sound of "Boom" from behind, and when she turned around, she saw that all the palaces in sight were collapsing, the glazed tiles were broken, and the circling pillars of the celestial fox fell down, smashing into several pieces. The fire ignited from the end and quickly spread around, billowing thick smoke into the sky.

    "Help me! It's on fire! Daddy! Third sister! Sixth brother-!" die.


    —In this palace, all the fox clan she knew and did not recognize disappeared.

    No one responded, and no one came over. She was quickly trapped in the middle of the sea of ​​​​fire, calling Tiantian not to be, and earth to not working.

    Ming Ying knelt on the ground in despair, raised her hand, unskilledly manipulated her spiritual power into wind, and blew away the raging fire that was trying to get close to her.

    She spent a long time with the fire, and she couldn't stop it from eroding her own palace, and finally had to open the enchantment and support it.

    With the consumption of spiritual power, there are only two of her four tails, and the second tail is becoming transparent as the enchantment is consumed. A cool breeze came suddenly.

    Smelling the familiar fragrance of jasmine, Mingying raised her head in surprise.

    She saw Fu Anyu descending from the sky and jumping into her barrier, the water spirit power wrapped around her fingers rushed towards her instantly, forming a thin layer of water around her.

    "Fu Anyu..." Mingying called her in a murmur. Seeing her kneeling in front of her, her tears burst, and she jumped up and put her arms around her neck, "Sister... woo..."

    Fu Anyu took her into his arms and patted her on the back lightly.

    "I'll take you home." After she finished speaking, she picked up Mingying horizontally, walked out of the barrier, and strode forward in the face of the fire.

    All the flames that tried to get close to her were blocked by the water cover.


    Ming Ying fell into Fu Anyu's arms, hugged her tightly, did not dare to let go, and kept crying.

    "I only have my sister left...Sister don't go..."

    "Sister won't leave." Fu Anyu answered her softly, "Sister is here, wake up. I brought meat floss bread and yogurt."

    Ming Ying only felt that her shoulder was shaken, and looked at Fu Anyu dumbfounded.

    She suddenly couldn't tell the difference between dream and reality.

    The consciousness was chaotic for a long time, and she slowly escaped from the nightmare. The scene in front of her changed. It was no longer a sea of ​​fire, but Fu Anyu's bedroom.

    Fu Anyu was sitting beside her, wiping her face with a wet towel, on a small table not far from the bed, there were two bags of bread and a jar of yogurt, and one she never cell phone seen.

    "I'm having nightmares again..." After fully awake, Ming Ying said to Fu Anyu, her voice muffled, "Thank you sister for waking me up."

    She didn't want to recall that terrible dream, all the clan members disappeared, and the plants and trees that were planted in the clan and the palace that had survived for thousands of years were also reduced to ashes.

    As if...they and they never existed.

    Seeing that her brows were wrinkled, her complexion was very bad, and she did not take the initiative to describe the content of the nightmare, Fu Anyu turned to get the bread, unpacked it and put it in her hand, "Eat something first, it's not early. already."


    Fu Anyu unpacked the yogurt again, and as soon as she swallowed a mouthful, she scooped a spoonful and fed it.

    Ming Ying was in a hurry to fill her stomach and devoured it for a long time before she had time to say thank you.

    "How do you feel? Is it cold?" Fu Anyu asked, "When I came in, you were on the ground, being blown by the cold wind of the air conditioner."


    "It's okay, I'm not cold." She shook her head hurriedly, noticing the worry in Fu Anyu's eyes, she quickly took her tail out of the quilt, "I have a tail to keep you warm! Very cold hardy!"

    When she spoke, she looked to the ground involuntarily, and found that the Shiba Inu pillow was lying alone by the table. It seems that when Fu Anyu came back, he only picked her up and did not return the Shiba Inu pillow to the bed. .

    Ming Ying felt warm in her heart. When she lowered her head to drink yogurt, she felt that the yogurt was sweeter than before.

    After breakfast, she was afraid that Fu Anyu would ask her about her nightmare, so she hurriedly asked, "What do you say about the 'sack man'? Is that his cat?"

    "Yes." Fu Anyu put the yogurt box into the bread paper bag, and said, "After the cat saw him, although he lost his temper for a while, he was still very good, it was indeed his Domestic cats."

    "That's good, you don't need to send the cat to the demon control center." Mingying breathed a sigh of relief, but she couldn't help feeling a little sad.

    The black cat is willful and willful, at least after running away from home, there is still a home to return to.

    But she... Really has a home to go back to?

    Seeing that the little fox suddenly lost her face, Fu Anyu frowned slightly, but she couldn't guess why she was lost. After thinking about it, she put the packaging bag aside and brought her newly bought mobile phone. Put it bottom-up by her hand.

    "This is your phone," she said. "It's plugged in, try it."

    Ming Ying's eyes widened, and she lowered her head to see the glass phone case on the bottom.

    It is a painting, in the painting a nine-tailed white fox is looking up at the moon, the soft and fluffy fox tail covers the whole painting, the edges are dyed crimson, and the clouds surround it , the pale yellow moonlight made the whole painting warm.

    Ming Ying liked this painting so much, she couldn't help but hold the phone in her hand, shrunk her right hand that smelled of medicinal oil, and carefully rubbed the glass case with her left hand, Flip the phone over so that the screen is pointed at you.

    "How do I open it?" she asked Fu Anyu.

    "Long press the power button." Fu Anyu demonstrated it to her.

    Ming Ying held her mobile phone and saw a row of glowing words on the screen, and the main page appeared shortly after, she was excited and grateful.

    Seeing the smile on the little fox's face again, Fu Anyu's frowning brows relaxed.

    She sat on the edge of the bed and taught the little fox how to register and how to download new apps, and then took out her mobile phone and let the little fox scan her QR code and add WeChat friends.

    "If you have something to do in the future, you can send me a message directly, you don't need to let Xiao Du tell it." Set a note for the little fox, Fu Anyu said.

    Ming Ying nodded and opened the column of modification remarks, but she didn't know what to remark to Fu Anyu.

    Fu Anyu has only one account. This account is used for both work and life. Even the id is an English name plus a Chinese name, which is highly recognizable. It seems that the name is not very meaningful.

    But Mingying was afraid that she would check her mobile phone from time to time and did not dare to make a note that would make her feel wrong. After thinking about it, she typed the word "sister" seriously. .

    "You call me 'sister' now, but I'm getting used to it." Fu Anyu couldn't help saying after reading the remarks.

    She didn't forget that in the beginning, the little fox insisted on being her sister because of her age.

    "Yeah, because you are really suitable to be a sister." Mingying's face was not red or heartbeat, and she admitted generously, "I am relying on you more and more."

    When she spoke, she was still staring at Fu Anyu's avatar, thinking about what avatar to change for herself, but she didn't notice that Fu Anyu's eyes had changed.

    "Is there a picture of a fox?" After thinking about the avatar, Mingying raised her head and asked Fu Anyu, "I want a white fox as the avatar."

    Fu Anyu taught her to use the image search engine in the browser, and after she selected the image she wanted, she taught her how to save the image to the album.

    "You can view the saved pictures in the gallery in the future." Fu Anyu said, "If you want to change other avatars, upload them from the gallery."

    Under her guidance, Mingying successfully modified her avatar.

    Looking at the white fox who was blinking, Mingying had another idea, she simply put the phone in Fu Anyu's hand and said seriously: "I want to use my own demon body as a portrait."

    In this way, when Fu Anyu sends her a message, she will not be distracted by other foxes.

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