The Goddess is a Little Pitiful, I Invested in Her!

The Goddess is a Little Pitiful, I Invested in Her!


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Nobody would have thought that Lian Qingxue, the most unnoticeable pitiful girl in the class, would transform ten years later, climbing the wealth rankings to become the most beautiful and domineering female CEO in the media.

But Qi Yun, the reborn one, knew.

Qi Yun, who had returned to his senior year of high school, carried with him an angel investment system.

As long as he found a potential target to invest in, he could receive a ten-fold return.

Completing random achievements, he could also receive various rewards.

“Potential stocks? Is there anyone more promising than Lian Qingxue?”

“I just wanted to invest, not looking for a girlfriend!”

Ten years later, a reporter interviewed Qi Yun: “Mr. Qi, now that you are the richest man, do you have any investment tips to share with everyone?”

Qi Yun: “To be honest, I’m a freeloader!”

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