Yang Yi was like a parent who had been tortured for a month by the summer vacation,  the two of them were sent to the "Flowers" base with joy and joy.

    Zhou Qing finally agreed to clarify the song, because he knew that even if he did not clarify, Wen Chuxia and Lin Huai would never let him take this song away,   Then he will be more embarrassed than he is now.

    Maoyan couldn't stay any longer. As for Zhou Qing's new owner...Wen Chuxia and Lin Huai didn't want to know.

    “Brother summer,  Why are you back?” Yule saw that they were not as excited as last time,  It’s only been three days.

    Wen Chuxia said, "Come and take refuge."

    Yu Le: "Refuge?"

    Wen Chuxia and Lin Huai still lived in the same room as before, with bunk beds.

    When Wen Chuxia was making the bed, Lin Huai stood by the bed and looked at him,  "Do you want to help?"

    Wen Chuxia gave him a sideways glance,  "No"

    Lin Huai brought a few changes of clothes, and almost nothing else. He carried a luggage bag with a large box of cut melons in it.

    Wen Chuxia took advantage of Yule's absence,   said to Lin Huai, "Be normal,  This is not at home, Yule and them are all there."

    Lin Huai stuck a piece of melon into his mouth with a fork.

    Wen Chuxia avoided him with a tut,  "Did you hear?"

    "I heard." Lin Huai handed it over again, "I know that ordering me, there is no benefit at all, everyone just slaps a sweet jujube,  Where is my jujube? "

    Wen Chuxia pointed to the fresh-keeping box in Lin Huai's hand, "You brought a pot of melons yourself, and now you want jujubes from me, do you think I look like jujubes?"

    "Like." Lin Huai smiled and raised his head,   "Give me a bite."

    Wen Chuxia: "..."

    It really is a bend that destroys everything, and the image of the male **** no longer exists!

    Last time they came as guests, this time they are guest assistants,  The word “assist” means more things, which means that they have to practice with others, so that they can Assistant.

    "The two of us are going to be separated?" Lin Huai's reluctance was directly expressed on his face.


    Xin Ya and Chi Bin.

    After being a judge for so many times, Xinya is a woman again. She thought they wouldn't have to fight to be a group with her?


    Yu Le: "I'm going with Brother Summer!"

    Fang Sa raised his hand: "I want summer too."

    Chen Yijie and Mao Wei: "Summer come to our team!"

    Tang Keyao: "summer, this, this, our team has An Xu!"

    An Xu: "!!"

    Don't call me, I'm dead, don't burn the paper for me, just let me rest in peace.

    Chi Bin smiled and said to Wen Chuxia, "You are so popular, everyone wants to be with you."

    Sinya was not too happy.

    Four groups, Wen Chuxia and Lin Huai chose the same group.

    Lin Huai: "So tacit understanding?"

    Wen Chuxia: tacit understanding!

    Chi Bin chose Fang Sa.

    Xin Ya chose Chen Yijie.

    Wen Chuxia and Lin Huai both chose Yule.

    Wen Chuxia thought that letting Lin Huai and An Xu get along for a while might bring the plot back on track.

    However, what Lin Huai thought was that he is now a famous person and has to keep a distance from other ambiguous objects, even An Xu. Besides, he heard about him in the old house Wen Chuxia that day. Even taking An Xu was already jealous. A good man like him wouldn't do such a thing to make his partner jealous.

    Wen Chuxia gritted her teeth, "You go."

    Lin Huai: "No, some people will be unhappy."

    Wen Chuxia frowned: "Don't fart, I don't."

    Lin Huai smiled: "Did I say it was you? Did you admit it?"

    The most primitive solution is rock paper scissors.

    In the end, Lin Huai won.

    Wen Chuxia: "..." Day!

    Yu Le shouted: "Ah, ah, I don't want it, I want brother summer!"

    Lin Huai pressed Yule's mouth with the card in his hand, "Stop struggling, your brother summer is not very lucky, you lost to me."

    Song Qi, as a fan, found some inconspicuous traces on the two of them.

    A kind of ambiguity that can't be declared, almost invisible to the naked eye, but Song Qi is not an ordinary person.

    For example, when the two of them whispered just now, the smile on Lin Huai's face was full of teasing, and there was a vague shyness on summer's face... He knocked for a year!

    Song Qi pulled Yule's sleeves, "There is a situation."

    Yu Le stopped making trouble for a moment, "What's the situation?"

    Song Qi was mysterious, "I don't know yet, it needs to be investigated."

    Wen Chuxia went to Tang Keyao's group, and the worst was not Wen Chuxia, but An Xu.

    An Xu just wanted to find a crack in the ground and get stuck in it. It was a hundred times more uncomfortable for him to be with Wen Chuxia than to face Lin Huai.

    An Xu pulled out a smile embarrassedly, "Xia, Xia Xia."

    Wen Chuxia looked at him coldly, "Are we familiar?"

    An Xu said that she was really finished.

    It's been a day, and Wen Chuxia hasn't paid any attention to An Xu. An Xu is slow to learn dance, plus she feels guilty towards Wen Chuxia, and her hands and feet are not coordinated.

    Tang Keyao said, "summer, please help An Xu take a look."

    Wen Chuxia sweated, "Don't look, go back to take a bath, you can practice by yourself."

    An Xu thought that she would be beaten by Wen Chuxia when they met again, but Wen Chuxia not only didn't beat him, she didn't say anything to him.

    An Xu felt uncomfortable and chased out, Wen Chuxia had already left the practice building.

    "Xia Xia."

    Wen Chuxia kept walking and ignored him.

    An Xu chased after him, "Xia Xia, can you listen to my explanation?"

    Wen Chuxia didn't even look at him: "If you want to explain to Lin Huai, explain to me what?"

    An Xu pulled Wen Chuxia, and was about to cry, "Xiaxia, I'm sorry, I'm really sorry, I know you're angry with me, but I can't help it, you don't know what I've been through What, Brother Lin Huai called suddenly that day, I really dare not say it."

    Wen Chuxia stopped to look at him, "Then do you dare to say it now? Do you want to call Lin Huai out and tell it again in front of him?"

    An Xu shook her head, "I dare not."

    An Xu had misunderstood Lin Huai from the beginning, and then slowly changed from a small misunderstanding to a big one. I have told him all the experiences that I feel unbearable when I think about it now.

    An Xu said: "Last time you came, he told me that you were already together, I know it must be his own oolong, but I really don't know what to do I explained it to him, and I didn't expect it to end up like this."

    Wen Chuxia was speechless after listening to it.

    Is Lin Huai's brain too deep?

    Sympathy does not mean agreeing with his actions, Wen Chuxia said, "Then you will push me into the fire pit?"

    Anxu shook his head and held his hand, "No, Xia Xia, I think if one day he knows from you that it is a misunderstanding, he may not do anything for the sake of face. , but if he knew it was me, I would have no face to see him."

    "Can't do anything?" Wen Chuxia was about to explode, "Do you know what he did to me?"

    An Xu's eyes widened: "Do, what did you do?"

    "Can you let go?"

    Lin Huai came out of the darkness like a ghost, he pulled An Xu's hand away, took Wen Chuxia's hand in his own, "What do I do to you, you have to tell him Say?"

    An Xu looked at the hands they held together, and breathed for a while. The feeling at the moment was not jealous, but: FUCK!

    Wen Chuxia looked at the two male protagonists in his impression and felt that he was very redundant.

    He pulled out his hand, "You two have a good talk, come to me when you understand."

    Lin Huai grabbed him and introduced to An Xu, "You don't mind him being your sister-in-law."

    An Xu looked at Wen Chuxia in surprise: "...sister-in-law, sister-in-law?"

    Wen Chuxia was used to Lin Huai's self-assertion, he said to An Xu, "He's crazy, this is your last chance, if you don't admit it, he will really stare at me already."

    An Xu glanced at Lin Huai.

    Lin Huai asked him again: "Have any opinions?"

    An Xu hurriedly shook her head, "No opinion, no opinion at all, I wish you a hundred years of harmony, sister-in-law."

    Wen Chuxia: "..."

    An Xu knew that he was in danger, and immediately took a step back after speaking. Sure enough, Wen Chuxia kicked over and was stopped by Lin Huai's waist.

    Wen Chuxia scolded: "An Xu, you are good, sister-in-law, right, okay, our Liangzi is settled, you wait for me!"

    An Xu was frightened, and kept giving him a bow, "Xia Xia, Xia Xia, calm down, my brother is very good, really, except for his brain sometimes not very bright, Other times it's quite normal, I used to be confused for a while, don't worry about it, I promise I won't disturb you in the future, I wish you a long and happy life."

    Wen Chuxia showed her teeth and claws, "I wish you a lifetime of singleness!"

    Watching An Xu escape, Wen Chuxia's lungs were about to explode.

    He shrugged Lin Huai, who was holding him, "Where did you know such a coward?"

    Lin Huai put his hands in his pockets, "If he doesn't hesitate, are you going to give me to him?"

    Wen Chuxia wanted to talk to him in vain, "How can this be called Rang?"

    Lin Huai said, "What is it?"

    Wen Chuxia didn't get angry, "It has nothing to do with me, I'm just a messenger!"

    Lin Huai held on to him, "It has something to do with you now, didn't you just deny the fact that the two of us were together?"

    Wen Chuxia pointed in the direction An Xu ran away, "Does this guy give me a chance to deny it?"

    Lin Huai pressed his hand and held it greedily, "You're right, this guy really deserves to be beaten. When I get out of here, I'll take you to his house to beat him."

    Wen Chuxia glanced at his hand and felt that he would not be able to correct his problem, "What are you doing here?"

    Not to mention that Lin Huai forgot, he clicked, "If I don't come out, when are you two going to hold hands? If I touch you, it will kill you, he will hold you. You didn't hide for so long!"

    Wen Chuxia shook the hand he was holding, "Is he pulling the same as you? Look at you, what are you doing?"

    In order not to let him get his hands out, Lin Huai held it with both hands.

    Lin Huai disagreed, "Who told you to always push me away."

    Wen Chuxia was so angry with him that she wanted to laugh a little, "Almost there, remember what Sister Yang said, if you dare to come out, she will commit suicide, please forgive her."

    In the past few days, Wen Chuxia still takes a nap at noon, but the weather has been cold recently, and the floor of the practice room is not suitable for sleeping.

    Wen Chuxia was used to seeing Lin Huai's face when he woke up. He buried his face in the pillow, "What do you want?"

    Lin Huai grabbed the railing of the upper bunk and looked at him, "You are so cute when you fall asleep."

    Wen Chuxia took a deep breath, "I'm cute when I beat people, do you want to meet me?"

    Lin Huai hooked his slightly curly hair, "Can you give me a kiss?"

    Wen Chuxia turned to stare at him, "Go kiss your feet."

    "What did you say?"

    Lin Huai reached out and grabbed his feet.

    Mao Wei and Chen Yijie came in suddenly, and the four of them were stunned for a while.

    Wen Chuxia and Lin Huai left the base for more than a month, Mao Wei and Chen Yijie almost forgot what they experienced a month ago, and habitually pushed in the door.

    Seeing the two of them froze at the door, Wen Chuxia sat up and scratched her hair, "Why are you back?"

    Mao Wei hesitated, "Ah, that, we, we have nothing to do, you are busy, we will go first."

    The two left without entering the door.

    Wen Chuxia looked at the closed door and suddenly felt familiar.

    Looking back, it seemed that they were the two of them, and there was a fish music, what did they see at that time?

    Wen Chuxia didn't think of it.

    As his ankles tightened, Lin Huai really kissed his feet.

    Wen Chuxia abruptly withdrew her foot, "You—"

    Lin Huai looked at him, "You asked me to kiss."

    Wen Chuxia felt a little numb in her heart and felt uncomfortable.

    Lin Huai was a little too meticulous to him. From eating and drinking to sleeping with a quilt, he had to worry about everything, and Wen Chuxia was not sure if he would be assimilated by him.

    But can this assimilation represent liking?

    As if he broke Lin Huai, is he forced to become the same as Lin Huai?

    This is not **** for tat.

    Wen Chuxia felt that it was better for her to decide her own feelings, otherwise she would be irresponsible to anyone.

    A week at the base went by very quickly. After the program was recorded, Wen Chuxia and Lin Huai left the base again, but before this time, Wen Chuxia went to see Pei Cen.

    Pei Cen wanted him to act, but Wen Chuxia had always refused, but this time he took the initiative to find him and wanted a role from him, and it was urgent, "I can try, it's better The kind that can go tomorrow."

    Wen Chuxia came by coincidence, Pei Cen really has a role to introduce to him.

    In the nanny's car, Yang Yi looked at Wen Chuxia in surprise: "Are you going to act?"

    Wen Chuxia said: "Well, it's just a small role. It can be finished in a month, but not in this city."

    Yang Yi glanced at Lin Huai, "Have you two discussed it?"

    Lin Huai didn't know anything about this before, he looked at Wen Chuxia, "He didn't say it."

    Wen Chuxia felt guilty and didn't dare to look at Lin Huai, "I haven't had time to say, I want to try."

    Yang Yi felt that the atmosphere was not right, "The company has decided to push your new song, you are going to film at this time..."

    Wen Chuxia said: "It's only a month, so it won't delay anything. I'm talking about the song so far, isn't it just one song? He can also write well during this month."

    Lin Huai did not comment from beginning to end.

    He didn't speak, the more uneasy Wen Chuxia felt.

    Why don't you talk, what are you thinking?

    When he got home, Yang Yi already knew what he was thinking, Lin Huai's expression was light, and he couldn't tell whether he agreed or disagreed, but he didn't stop it.

    Yang Yi said, "That's fine, I'll go get in touch with the crew."

    As soon as Yang Yi left, Wen Chuxia heard the door slam shut behind him.

    Lin Huai stood behind him, "Why didn't you tell me in advance?"

    Wen Chuxia put on her slippers and entered the room, and said cowardly, "I just told Pei Cen, but it's not too late."

    Lin Huai: "Why didn't you discuss it with me before looking for Pei Cen?"

    Wen Chuxia glanced back at him, obviously righteous, but he just said a guilty tone, "I don't need to discuss with anyone about my own affairs."

    Lin Huai looked at him for a long time without saying a word, and finally turned upstairs.

    Wen Chuxia secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

    Lin Huai's expression just now seemed to be hurt, and Wen Chuxia told himself that he did the right thing.

    For the next two days, Lin Huai didn't say a word to him.

    Wen Chuxia's favorite braised pork will be placed on the dinner table. Wen Chuxia knew that it was made by Lin Huai, and every time he cooks these days, he makes a lot of noise in the kitchen , it's like tearing down the kitchen.

    The next night, Yang Yi called and said that he had booked a plane ticket for him, and the plane was arranged by the crew tomorrow afternoon. Qi Jing will take care of him this month. .

    Lin Huai cut a plate of melons and put them on the coffee table, he didn't plan to sit down and eat together.

    Wen Chuxia asked: "Why no orange?"

    Lin Huai walked by, "You don't like to eat."

    Wen Chuxia looked back at him and said, "Qi Jing will go with me on my plane tomorrow."

    Lin Huai stopped in front of the stairs, "Well, I'll see you tomorrow."

    Wen Chuxia was stunned.

    After two days of cold war, he thought that Lin Huai would not pay attention to him.

    Lin Huai took two steps upstairs, turned around and asked, "Have you packed your things? It's been cold recently, remember to bring thicker clothes."

    Wen Chuxia nodded.

    Lin Huai looked at him for a while and couldn't help sighing, "Take care of yourself, don't get sick."

    Wen Chuxia nodded, "You too."


    Wen Chuxia was sitting in the car, and the phone kept ringing, all from Lin Huai.

    After holding it for three days, I was probably suffocated. I reminded everything about safety and body.

    -Lin Huai: Remember to tell me when you arrive.

    -Lin Huai: Call me when you have time.

    - Lin Huai: Forget it, I'll call you, maybe you won't be able to wait until you come back.

    -Lin Huai: Take the time to remember to think about me, I know you went out this time to hide from me, but I don’t know if you think about it secretly.

    -Lin Huai: Waiting for you to come back.


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